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Ep. 01 The Fire Stone Affair Ch. 1

Downtime Summary Between Fight Night and Episode 1


  • Spent a week locating Earrings of Comprehend Languages
  • Spent a week learning Draconic (9 weeks remain)


  • Spent the week training with Radovar, a goliath ranger/cleric of the hunt.
  • Spent 1 week crafting glass arrowheads for her arrows.


  • Spent the week researching the Black Idol and its effects on Temple forge
  • Training to wear light armor (5 weeks remain)


  • Spent 1 Weekend crafting the Bright Shard Amulet for Valorean
  • Spent 1 Week Crafting the  Instrument of Illusions for Colburn


  • Spent 1 Week locating a cloak of many fashions
  • Spent 1 Week of Upper Class Carousing:  
    • They have made three contacts*
      • Mardred Strongheart – Mardred has confessed her love for Octavia and wishes to marry her.
      • Erias Ungart
      • Travok Fireforge – has offered to become a patron of the arts for Octavia.


  • Spent both weeks in religious service.
    • 1 week was spent serving at the temple of Khors. Valorean impressed the priests of his order with is devotion.  2 favors were gained.
    • 1 week was spent serving at the temple of Volund.  They utilized his natural resistances to help in the hottest areas of the forges. Conveniently, that’s where Olpheron was working during his crafting.

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