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Table of Contents

  1. Character Creation
  2. House Rules
    1. Dragonborn
    2. Short Rests
    3. Instinct
  3. Status
  4. Time Flies Campaign
  5. Boon and Bane Travel Mechanics

You may notice some idiosyncrasies about our game from time to time. This can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we use new resources or try out some home-brew rules.

We will endeavor to keep these pages up to date with the information we use.

Character Creation:

One thing you might notice is that some of the characters might have minor deviations from your standard 5th edition Character creation. When we decided to do a podcast, my players brought to me their character concepts and we did what we could to embrace the spirit of this concept into the 5th edition rule set. 

The characters will be beginning their adventure at Level 4.

You might see a character with an extra weapon proficiency or skill that I felt was justified by their background.  For instance, Olpheron gained proficiency in warhammer and Ellywick’s poisoners kit. . Some skills, like Colburn’s use of bells, just didn’t exist so we added them in. Overall, I don’t think this will have a significant impact on the game.


House Rules:

I love the Dragonborn of 4th edition (I know, I know – Hate me now) and brought speed of which it happens into 5th. The Dragonborn’s Breath Weapon has been made a bonus action instead of an action. This will certainty make for some fun and exciting adventuring. This applies to both players and non-player characters alike.

Short Rests
For the sake of expediency, I’ve decreased the amount of time a short rest takes. Hopefully, this will increase the pacing and action at the table.

When in a more rustic and natural setting players may substitute Survival for Perception.


We use the status rules as set out on the Midgard World Book on Page 25. In Midgard, prestige or status is a matter of public importance, and the setting assumes that PCs come from different stations, social classes, and backgrounds. This social standing is reflected in the optional Status attribute.

Time Flies Campaign

We use the optional rule set out in the Time Flies Campaign sidebar on page 13 of the Midgard World Book. The in-game calendar advances at twice the pace of the real world calendar. For example, if one week has occurred between game sessions, then two weeks have passed in game time. If the players are dealing with a situation such as a dungeon or are on a strict timeline this will be allotted to the end of the next adventure.

Boon and Bane Travel Mechanics

There are based off of this brilliant concept by Zee Bashew of Animated Spell Book fame.

We will be using the following mechanics for dealing with travel between towns.  

The terms are defined as:
Bane: A bane is something that has consequences or uses up the parties resources. This can be something as simple as time or gold. This can also be a combat encounter.

Boon: A boon is something that helps a player or the party. This can be anything from a clue to push forward the narrative (whether personal or party).

A bane or boon must fit into current scope of the game. No asking for wishes or the like. These items should be a few simple sentences.

Example Boons

  • The Courier: The players are able to intercept a courier for the opposition. The waylaid courier has information for moving the plot forward.
  • Short cut! The players are able to find a shortcut along a game trail.  Cut 1d3 days from the journey.
  • Fireside chat: The players are able to find good shelter for the evening. Allow the players time to roleplay a quiet evening. No encounters occur during the night.

Example Banes:

  • Ambush! The party is has been waylaid! The players face an encounter of their level appropriate to the terrain.
  • Bad Weather: Inclement weather has delayed the parties travel.  Add 1d3 days to the travel time.
  • Dissing Terry: An old foe tracks down one of the PC’s  and engages them in combat!

Prepping for Travel:

  1. First, the DM will add 4 bane items to the pool.
  2. Then, each player will have the opportunity to add item items to the pool but players must add items in pairs: one bane and one boon. A player is limited to adding two items to the pool. Players may consult and engage each other to create items.
  3. Finally, the pool will be assembled and then randomized. This will likely be a bowl with each idea tossed into it or a random table and a dice.

Let’s Hit the Road!

One item will be drawn per day travelled, unless a boon or bane requires a second item to be used.  The first item will be drawn or generated by the DM and shared with the group. The item will be resolved and then the next item will be generated.  The second item will be generated by the next person sitting clockwise from the DM if at a table, and if online via the facebook group via initiative rolls.  If the number of days exceeds the number of items entered into the pool, the DM can call for a second collection using the same rules.