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Valorean Durthane

Valorean strikes at the heart of evil by Crash Chief

Character Sheet

Listen to his background.

Back in the Beginning of Now when the Canton Dwarves were a young race the Ironcrags paid homage to and were protected by the Great Wyrm Chevnal, Protector Of Life. Death comes for all in time though some may merely pass out of history with the passage of the ages. And thus it was that the line of Chevnal became dragonkin and moved into the river of history still in the Iron Crags vaunted as heros of the Cantons and safekeepers of those that dwell in those mountains.

Valorean Durthane born of the line of Chevnal and called kin by the clan Durthane was born under an auspicious sky, bright with moon and stars, as dawn swept its first rays upon it. Valorean grew, with the knowledge of his rights and duty upon him, strong and noble though with a jolly laugh swelling from his heart. He could oft be found at a local ale house with friends around him in the evening though by day his labor was true and well purposed. He strove to hone skill with sword and shield and honor the ways of the Path before him. Trained as a Knight by the Order of the Undying Sun and initiated into its ranks, Valorean served with honor though not necessarily distinction in the ongoing war against the Darakhul.

During one of his holdovers at Templeforge he dined with a dwarven kinsman Gilthur Durthane, who was on pilgrimage, and met his apprentices and, of all things, his apprentice’s assistant Olpheron. Valorean took a liking to this odd human fellow as they shared a similarity of “of but not like”-ness with the Canton Dwarves. Olpheron was applying to the Crafter’s guild and was setting out on an adventure to craft a great work that would earn him admittance to the Craft School. Valorean spoke to his Captain and was granted leave to travel with Olpheron as aid and protector while Olpheron braved the wilds of the Margreve to obtain materials for a magical crafting that would eventually earn him admittance to the School.

As Olpheron studied his craft, Valorean returned to his Order and was immediately sent out with a small expedition to investigate a Devil’s Cult near Hirschberg. The expedition stumbled upon a war beyond their depths. Bright Khors himself had stepped forth to dispatch the Demon Lord Typhon. Valorean and his cohort arrive to find a Zoryas Angel, exhausted from transporting Khors back across the realms, who could not defend herself from the swarm of Lamia that had emerged in Typhon’s wake. Immediately Valorean and his compatriots set upon the Lamia and in the fray Valorean was struck down. In his fever dreams the Angel Anael, who his friends were indeed able to save, came to him and remarked on his bravery through potential for foolhardiness and named herself his Patron and imbued him with Celestial power that he may better serve Khors and protect those given into his care.