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Character Sheet

Olpheron holds his lantern aloft by Crash Chief

Olpheron is usually the quiet type because he’s always thinking, observing,learning. He’s a collector of knowledge and he prides himself on being so observant that he sees things no one else does and remembers every tiny detail. However, once you get him going about a subject he is passionate about, you’d be lucky if he ever stops talking.

By chance, or by fate, he is a human raised in a dwarven city because his mother gave birth a few days early while emigrating from Zobeck. He took a liking to blacksmithing and forge craft at a young age and became an apprentice to Master Alric when he was 10.

At the age of 20 he applied to the school in Templeforge, home of the Alchemist’s Guild and pilgrimage site of all forge dwarves. He spent 8 years there, learning the magic and craft required to become a cleric of Volund. Upon his return home, his master entrusted him with a book of taboo magic and instructed that he keep it safe. The book, small but thick, with a worn brown leather cover, was never to be opened, never to be read, and absolutely never to be used. Master Alric said that someone was always searching for the book, determined to use its knowledge to gain power. He told Olpheron to go far away from the Iron Crags, to sequester himself from the world, and always be on the lookout for a man with a blackened scar on his left hand.

For 5 years he’s been a hermit, living in the woods of the Wild Ozku Hills, studying plants and mushrooms, surviving off wild game, and keeping rare contact with one person, an old traveling companion named Valorean.

He keeps the book on him at all times, hidden in a secret pocket in his cleric robes. Even after 5 years, he has never opened it and rarely touches it, but sometimes he imagines that the book whispers to him, enticing him to use the forbidden power within.