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Octavia dancing with her scimitar by Crash Chief

Character Sheet

Octavia can barely remember her parents. Mostly just the smell of her father’s tobacco and her mother’s pale hair. She doesn’t remember exactly what happened, only that one day she was playing in the main room of their small house while her mother made food, and the next there was fire and screaming. She’d be told later that an attack from the Dragon Empire caused a fire that spread through their district, leaving her an orphan on the streets of Khazephlon.

With no family, Octavia was taken in by the other street urchins, picking pockets and stealing food to survive. Until one day when she picked the pocket of a beautiful high born lady. She’d made it down the street with the small purse full of coins when the same Lady had blocked her path. The Lady Julianna was impressed with Octavia and decided to take her in off the streets.

Octavia didn’t understand at first, only that she was now well fed and dressed and no longer cold. Later she would learn that Julianna was a member of the Order of the Veiled Star, a mostly secret but definitely elite society of spies, assassins, and general movers behind the scenes. Octavia was trained in the ways of Midgard’s Courts as well as stealth and swordsmanship. She knows the ways to charm her way out of trouble, but also how to quickly handle the trouble she does get into.

She traveled and learned from Julianna for nearly 15 years before venturing onto her own missions and travels. In those 15 years, Julianna, a member of House Aldonis- of the Grand Duchey of Dornig, officially adopted Octavia, giving her a noble name and house though she is only tolerated by those born to the house.

Along the way, she’s met some interesting characters, developed many aliases, almost married numerous nobles, charmed many a prince, and spilled more than her fair share of blood. She’s not exactly sure how she ended up traveling with Colburn, but he is the only one she trusts with her aliases. He’s her person, her partner in crime, and she’d slaughter whole towns in their sleep if they dared harm a hair on his head.

Now the Lady Julianna has died, and Octavia has traveled to the city of Reywald to attend her adopted mother’s funeral.