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Ellywick Shadowcloak

Ellywick after an impossible shot by Crash Chief

Character Sheet

At first glance Ellywick looks like a bizarre mix of truly adorable and preciously ugly, not that unlike a humanoid bulldog. If it weren’t for her fairly traditional gnomish nose you might think she was some cool elf chick with her lavender hair and pointed ears… though her height or her charcoal gray skin might also give her away, too (she’s only three and a half feet tall after all).

Ellywick is as comfortable hiking a treacherous mountain pass as she is parkour-ing through a city. She’ll happily pass her time hunting and gathering in the forest as much as she may pickpocket and run quick cons in the city. She’s fiercely deadly with a bow, and just as lethal with a blade. But don’t let this trick you into thinking she’s just a badass gnome with an acrobatic streak, she’s also equally home leading a tavern full of mixed folk in drinking songs while drinking even dwarves, half-orcs, and dragonborn under the table.

But Ellywick Shadowcloak wasn’t always destined to be an adventuring badass. She was born to a well-known family of glassmakers and merchants in a town devout to Sif in the southern mountains of Huldramose. It isn’t worth naming the town since it was destroyed by a party of cruel, angry giants more than 50 years ago and hasn’t been included on any map since. She’s quick to curse giants and giantkin because of this, and while it’s no secret her homeland was crushed and razed when she was 12 years old, she rarely discusses her family in any specificity or detail. Though she is still very proud to be of the Huldramose Shadowcloak Glass Shadowcloaks, and has a habit of noting where she finds her family’s glassware in her travels. She still makes glass, usually a delightful trinket to please a friend or travel host, or to create specialized arrow-tips to fill with poison or smoke or whatever to aid in her exploits.

After the arduous journey found her in the Arbonesse Forest of the Grand Duchy of Dornig. In the decades she spent there being raised by and growing up with forest gnomes and elves, she learned the ropes of self-sufficiency and shenaniganry before going on a long journey with friends back to the North. She met some neat folk along the way, learned some new skills, tried new foods, kicked a bunch of ass and looked cool doing it, becoming the part-rogue/part-ranger badass goofball you see today. She is incredibly loyal to those she considers friends, but also has no patience with those who are unjust and loves an underdog. She works hard and she plays hard. And while her work and recreations may not always be the most “honest” she lives by her own code and believes in doing the right thing (though sometimes the fun thing is the best thing in the moment *wink*).

And yes, in normative gnomish fashion she has collected 14 names in her 72 years (Ellywick Yotra Glassthumb Elhani Lavande Orniana Scout Elly Faemilia Petit-Gnome Glasswick Meadhorn Wicklesby Shadowcloak). But to any non-gnome she will usually just introduce herself as Ellywick Shadowcloak. Though you can call her Ellywick.