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Colburn Highstone

Colburn’s bells ring out by Crash Chief

Character Sheet

“Alright, so I lied.”

Have you ever thought about running away and starting over as some new, brighter and better version of yourself? Have you ever thought of doing it over and over again?

Colburn Highstone has a star-bright smile and a tendency to run from trouble right into the arms of more. He’s good for a song and a story, inventing himself exits with spellbound words, and never looking back. To his mind, there’s nothing in his past worth revisiting.

Born in Ishadia to jewel merchants with a claim to celestial heritage, he has always had a determination to stand apart in a crowd as well as any glittering gem. Being the middle child of two older siblings and a younger sister to follow will do that to you. From a young age, he learned to lavish in the attention of others. A song or a story could coax a smile onto the faces of strangers even as they sat in the shadow of dragonfire-blackened walls. That was its own kind of magic even before a master skald, Rabec of Skaldhom took him on as an apprentice to hone in his craft.

Travelling with the skald and gaining renown was the start of what would become another skill of Colburn’s; cutting ties with a home and disappearing without a word. He didn’t know how to say goodbye to a family that had always struggled to understand him, so he simply didn’t say goodbye at all. This became his habit every time he made friends in a place he knew he was just passing through. It was easier for him to disappear than to disappoint.

A few years into his apprenticeship, he was offered a position as an entertainer in the court of Mosylon. However, after years away from his home and meeting people from all walks of life, Colburn had no stomach for the slave trade of the South – one of the key markets in area. Rather than refuse royalty outright, he named an outrageous price for his services in the hopes he would be turned down. When the sum was sent to him in advance for his travel and assumed acceptance, Colburn took the money and ran. He has been “creatively travelling” under assumed names and avoiding wanted posters ever since.

On the way, he’s befriended those with similar skill sets to his own – including the lovely and deceptively dangerous Octavia. They’ve become a formidable team together and she hasn’t gotten tired of him yet. Colburn, who has few loyalties to those beside himself, would gladly burn up all of Midgard if she asked.