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Kenneth – Valorean

Kenneth inside a giant d20
The Original “Ken”der Joy

Much like our beloved DM I came to D&D early in life when I stumbled upon my father’s copies of Chainmail, Men and Magic, Monsters and Treasure, and The Underworld and Wilderness Adventures. I made character after character and scrawled out countless dungeons in notebooks throughout my childhood. Oddly enough I never played an actual adventure in this edition. I wasn’t until high school and the advent of 3.5 that I sat down to my first full adventure in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. There I played an elf turned centaur turned treant wizard for many months and really sank my teeth into the hobby that was D&D. 3.5 edition D&D was where I stayed for over a decade and it wasn’t until a house game with Ash that I ventured into 5th edition.