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Bubble – Ellywick

Bubble, the Huffliest of Puffs, as a Chocolate Frog Card

Unlike most of these lovely folks, I’m still very new to actually playing D&D. I grew up knowing it was a cool thing my parents used to play with other young airman and their spouses, but they didn’t play much if at all after moving back Stateside. I grew up on video games, books, and dancing. I even rolled up a character sheet for a campaign in undergrad but never got to actually play. Nevertheless I’ve grown to love all kinds of games and geekery and have quite a number of fandoms.

Outside of gaming, I spend a lot of time doing and making all kinds of fun things as a body positive advocate and burlesque performer. I have also been known to wander aimlessly about the internet flitting from one amusing video or webcomic to the next. I adore making people laugh, even though I often succeed in mostly just amusing myself.