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Ashta – Olpheron

I guess my geekiness started when I was a kid, watching reruns of Star Trek – TOS. I’d always been a voracious reader and by my teens, I was reading all the fantasy and sci-fi i could get, as well as writing about my own made up worlds.

The first RPG I played was Baldur’s Gate on the PS2 and that was shortly followed by D&D and Shadowrun. I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs for about 12 years now and usually play sneaky, stabby, thieving rogues. Olpheron is definitely a deviation from my norm, but I’m excited to see where he goes.

Outside of D&D, I’m a stay at home mom to a small person, a writer, chef, cat wrangler, avid crafter, tea fiend, and general fan of many geeky things.