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D&D Fight Night Pt.4

The players encounter some bandits riding hippogriffs.

Last night was a pretty successful run of two of the three encounters I had planned. I have included the sample audio we recorded to test our changes from the example found in D&D Fight Night Pt. 2 I have also included the Combat Encounter sheet that I use from Crit Games, as well as the player maps from 2-minute Table Top in case you want to recreate the encounter. We use an overhead projector mounted about our game table and Fantasy Grounds to display the maps.

Encounter 1: Cliff-side Bandits

Encounter Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Map I used: Sheer Plateau

The first encounter of the night was with a pair of bandits riding hippogriffs. My players are used to the more classic dungeon crawl and are not used to thinking about combat in a large open area three dimensional space. It also gave them a chance to test out their ranged abilities and make adjustments.

Encounter 2: A Vile Garden

Encounter Sheet
Encounter Difficulty: Deadly
Map I used: Haunted Garden

The Vile Garden was based on the skill challenges of 4th edition. I always enjoyed bringing skills to the table in combat, and it makes the player’s feel valuable beyond the damage they can dish out.

The players were given the following objectives:

  • Interrupt the Ritual
  • Destroy or Recover the Black Idol of Chernobog
  • Capture or Kill the Ritual Caster


  1. Cool! I really enjoy running different interesting combat scenarios for my players. So glad to see the Combat Tracker sheets getting use on the table! Btw, your audio didn’t work for me on mobile.

    • Ash Ash

      They are a great tool! I appreciate them because it allows me to prep my game and it creates an easily shareable version as seen here. The audio should be fixed now as well. Thank you for pointing it out.

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